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The EPA recognizes permeable paving as a best practice for storm water management. It filters, collects and stores rain water reducing pollutants . . .

The Great Northwest offers incredible quality and diversity in flower and fauna. Local nurseries ship plant materials throughout the country and we are blessed . . .


For hundreds of years the European countryside has been defined by dry stack stone walls.

Thousands of miles identify property lines and separate livestock from crops and homes. Current construction of these meticulous hand crafted walls are often governed by agencies and local codes requesting the installer to hold a 100 year warranty. A contractor must maintain this warranty for his lifetime and pass this on to their sons.

We're inspired by this concept; by the thought of building a project that our children may have to repair. It motivates us to produce a product of superior quality and workmanship; built to withstand the test of time.

This is our philosophy at Walter and Sons. Currently under 3rd generation leadership, we offer a lifetime warranty on many hardscape projects for your back yard. We constantly search out our region and the globe for quality and diversity to deliver to your next project.

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